Dr Nikolaj Wolfson did a bilateral knee replacement for me in Dec ’13. I am 58 in reasonably good health, a little overweight. I was walking without aid on Day 4, back to work (desk job) from home on Week 4, back to the office on Week 6. Today the only bother is if I push too hard and sometimes going down stairs, but movement is 95% without pain now. WHAT A RELIEF! Dr Wolfson is lively, easy to talk to, easy to work with. I saw many other docs over the years and he’s by far the friendliest and obviously quite skillful. I’m very glad he was recommended to me by another professional. I hope to never go thru this again, but he’d be the man I’d go to if needed. This guy deserves 5 GOLD stars.
Long S.

Hayward, CA


A year and a half ago, my son broke his arm on Thanksgiving morning. He was only 4 years old and it was very difficult for us as a family. We took him to CPMC and we were so fortunate that Dr. Wolfson was on call that day for orthopedics. He was called in and informed us that my son needed surgery (the ER doctor had reviewed my son’s xray and determined no surgery was needed). Dr. Wolfson was just amazing at explaining to us what was needed and why. He was so sensitive in handling our stress and my son’s pain. The surgery went very smooth and Dr. Wolfson was super available and responsive to us in all the follow up appointments. Since it was a holiday weekend, he provided us with his cell phone number and constantly provided support and answered our questions and calls. We are forever grateful that Dr. Wolfson was there that day and we would unconditionally recommend him to anyone in need. He’s an incredibly accomplished doctor and a sensitive person to top it off. Really an amazing doctor.
Mardah C.

San Francisco, CA


After seeing 4 different doctors, I finally found a doctor who would answer my questions and consider my overall health – not just my painful knees. What a blessing to find a doctor who does not treat you like just another chart or unknown person.
Franzetta H.

San Francisco, CA


Dr. Wolfson treated me twice after broken hip replacement and broken wrist, it was my luck that Dr.Wolfson treated me. I never met before the so brilliant sergeant and physician so devoted to his profession. His slogan always been Patients First. Thank you DOCTOR.
Anton S.

San Francisco, CA


Sorry in advance for this long review, but I wanted to be clear on why I think Dr. Wolfson is a 5 (and it’s not b/c it’s all perfect)… After breaking my ankle last summer, while away from home, I had to have emergency surgery and get plates & screws put in. Since then, it’s been a terrible – oftentimes depressing and very frustrating – series of months of rehab in hopes that I will one day be able to walk normally like before, not even to mention being able to run or workout. My simultaneous weight gain and loss of muscle mass over the past 7 months since has been especially horrifying, too. Gross. When the time came to get a 2nd opinion (after going to a different orthopedist here in SF – who was fine but too conservative in treatment for my tastes), I learned of Dr. Wolfson and his recent arrival to N CA. What I really liked about him was his willingness to answer all of my prepared questions (I’m the type of patient who literally comes in with a long list so I won’t forget to ask anything) and more importantly, his willingness to take a more aggressive approach to my rehab, which was based upon my age and healthy, active lifestyle. He lamented that the prior ortho had me immobilized for way too long (i.e., doc #1 was too conservative – and no, he was NOT slamming doc #1 in any way), which basically delayed my recovery, contributing to limiting my range of motion and increasing joint stiffness & muscle atrophy. Regardless, he truly preached the power of the mind and positive thinking, and consistently reminded me of mind-over-matter and the simple things I could do to accelerate my recovery. Anyway… fast-forwarding to the present, he ultimately removed my hardware, even worked to fix my ugly scars from round 1, and carried an outgoing, kind personality along the way. Dr. Wolfson is exceptionally experienced but is new to our area, so he’s just making a name for his practice out here in SF; nevertheless, I’m sure his reputation will quickly establish itself nicely. And, the Not-So-Perfect pieces about this practice: 1) He only does clinic on Mondays, which can be inconvenient for scheduling. 2) He is one of the docs at SF Multi Specialty Medical Group (SFMMG.com), which means a shared – and very chaotic – front office atmosphere, staff and waiting room. 3) He’s really busy and oftentimes hurried. He will answer his cell phone for surgery prep calls during your appt, so just a heads up on that. It doesn’t seem to distract him, but I hadn’t experienced that before, so I was surprised when it happened during one of my appts where we were reviewing X-rays. 4) The office does not have in-house imaging, so if you need an MRI or X-rays done, you have to go offsite and then remember to bring your disk in. This is really inconvenient, esp if you’re elderly, on crutches, or otherwise having difficulty moving around. I still anxiously await the ability to run again one day, but I do feel I’m under great care with Dr. Wolfson.
Jenn H.

San Francisco, CA